Our Adcentages

KVM Virtualization

No overselling. Ability to install any OS.

Fast disks

SSD or NVME SSDs of enterprise class, combined into a RAID.

Powerful servers

Processors not lower than 2 * E5-2680v4. From 256-512 Gb of memory per node.

Storage of data

Three-level backup to different countries and data centers.


Convenient virtual server control panel. + Directadmin license panel as a gift.

Quite a lot of our clients who require more resources than a typical virtual hosting can offer make inquiries about the usefulness of VDS service and what the difference between VDS and VPS is. At first we answer the second question. In fact, VDS and VPS are two variants of the same service, namely, provision of virtual servers for our clients. There are two variants because similar servers in the western practice are called both private and dedicated.

As a rule, search for a virtual server starts when the project is too big to allocated on the same facilities. It stands to reason that an optimal solution would be the acquisition of a server and its allocation at a hosting provider. In that case it is necessary to ensure its functionality and efficiency which subsequently tell on the popularity of any Internet-project to the best advantage. However, this method has a few drawbacks:.

  • acquisition of necessary equipment costs thousands of dollars;
  • server maintenance, equipment upkeep, its replacement and repair are performed by the owner.

It is obvious that such a method is both very expensive and inconvenient. So what should be done if a virtual hosting doesn't meet your requirements? The answer is simple: make use of so-called virtual server VDS.

It goes without saying, one of its advantages is a reasonable price in comparison with the usage of dedicated server rent service. However, VPS has no less important advantages among which these can be mentioned:

  • securing high-speed performance of scripts;
  • unlimited domains, databases, FTP-accounts etc.;
  • possibility of full access to a server's functionality and its settings;
  • VDS owner can use reliable software or services of their own choice;
  • high safety guarantees.

It goes without saying, one of the advantages of a virtual server is a reasonable price in comparison with the usage of dedicated server service. At that, clients can use the same functionality as it is provisioned with a dedicated server.

If you order a virtual server at Besthosting, you also obtain the following features:

  • minimal time expenditure to initiate your resource;
  • choosing a VPS server configuration allows you to optimize your financial expenditure;
  • you can change the amount of resources used anytime, enabling your projects to be growing.
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