Renting a dedicated server (server hosting) - an ideal solution for projects that "outgrown" the usual hosting or require high reliability and security.

All the clients servers are allocated in our own data center; this gives us advantages and flexible service options in solving some technical issues like upgrade or hardware replacement in case a failed component is detected.

Our data center meets all the modern requirements: it has two channels of power supply from different substations with the capacity of 150 kW, provisioned with the necessary system of conditioning and uninterrupted power supply units.

The threefold backup of channels from different providers ensures high speed and reliability of data transmission.

Control Panel (Directadmin) when renting a dedicated server is FREE.

Each server is by default provided with a dedicated channel 100 Mb/s.

In brackets the guaranteed speed is indicated.

The operating system CentOS is installed "by default". If you'd like to find out about the possibility of other OS installations, you should consult our technical department .

The server can be delivered to our DC by any courier service. All the expenses of delivery will be compensated proportionally by extending the period of paid hosting .

The following options are included in the standard set of free functions:

2 IP-addresses;

IP-KVM with the function Virtual Media, which gives you a possibility to manage the server distantly; for instance, boot/reinstallation of the system through a remote CD-ROM (on demand) ;

license for the control panel DirectAdmin ;

unlimited traffic;

round-the-clock technical support by phone, e-mail, chat.

You can upgrade some parameters for an additional fee (the possibility of adding consult the technical department).

To order additional options you will need to contact the finance department.

For non-standard configurations of servers, individual proposals and conditions on colocation, dedicated servers and racks to write servers (arobase) besthosting.ua.

Attention! Technical support is not provided according to this address.

(per month)
8(-2) item 15 $
16(-2) item 28 $
32(-2) item 52 $
64(-2) item 96 $

(per month)
1 Tb 7.5 $
2 Tb 15 $
4 Tb 30 $
8 Tb 60 $

(per month)
120 Gb 7.5 $
240 Gb 15 $
480 Gb 30 $
960 Gb 60 $

(per month)
15 $

(per month)
10 $
(per month)
16 Gb 20 $
32 Gb 40 $
64 Gb 80 $
128 Gb 160 $

Backup disk space
on the remote server:
(per month )
10 Gb 2 $
25 Gb 4.5 $
50 Gb 7 $
100 Gb 12 $
500 Gb 35 $

(per month)
500 mb/s 400 $
1000 mb/s 700 $

Order additional HDD, SSD and RAM not available for Collocation, VDS, Backup and Budget plans .

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