It is indispensable for uninterruptable work of your websites to be allocated on the servers in a reliable DPC (engineered with high speed Internet-channels and backup facilities that are necessary for stable work).

Since October 2008 we have been allocating servers in our own data center. Two years later its capacity was exhausted so we decided to set up a new, more powerful data center.

Taking into consideration both the clients' wishes and the experience of setting up the first data center, in the preliminary stage, we have formulated the whole range of necessary elements for maximum stable work of servers and our clients' comfort. We have used the latest technology achievements in world-class Data Center facilities and our own ideas on DPC optimization.

The new data center was built on the industrial zone in the suburbs of the town. The choice of the location gave us some advantages at once:

Firstly, we got access to truly large-scale and stable sources of electricity.
Secondly, the large territory of the industrial area (0,19 ha) is extremely convenient for the placement of "external" blocks of engineering infrastructure.
And, finally, there is a very convenient traffic interchange (two-minute drive from the road junction and the town bypass.

The territory of the data center is under round-the-clock video surveillance and protected by our own security and militarized security forces (in case of an alert).

We started allocating our server equipment in the new data center at the beginning of 2011..

At the present time our data center meets TIER3 world class requirements and equipped with the following systems:

threefold backup of channels with the balance of fault tolerance and load from different providers: Datagroup, Radionet, iTSystems; 2 transmission facilities with the capacity of 150 kW each; diesel-electric engine with automatic start (ABP is used); uninterruptible power supply ensures approximately three hours of autonomous power supply in case of network outages; advanced 2n+1 cooling;

a whole number of innovations such as the system of air recuperation to cool servers in our data center at the expense of outdoor environment. The system provides enormous energy savings.
Hosting clients, who for some reasons prefer to allocate their servers in Europe, are served on our German partner's servers.

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