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In order to get the most efficient and quickest support, please, follow these recommendations

  • When you submit a support ticket, you have to indicate your domain name, login and your server IP-address if possible. Is it necessary to keep to the point and explain in details what the problem is .
  • If the information on the website cannot be displayed correctly or the php function does not work properly, then we suggest indicating the link where the issue could be seen .
  • If there is an issue with the settings of an e-mail client, we suggest indicating parameters you are using for the connection .
  • When reporting an issue it is more important for us to receive the text of an error message than its service number .
  • If you sent an e-mail, but it was returned with a non-delivery notification, we suggest you should forward the bounced e-mail with technical headers to us .

All the enquiries which require the user's identification, such as account restoration from backup, login reset, contact information change, are being processed only from a user's authorized e-mail address and they cannot be processed in chat or by phone .

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