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Our IT-specialists monitor 24/7 hosting servers and dedicated servers of our clients. The monitoring is being processed with the help of special software that every minute checks all the servers and their critical parameters. In case of nonoperability the alarm signal goes off and the detailed report about the problem is sent.

The support platform is built on the software SupportSuite, a globe leader developer of such support software - Kayako. It consists of Live Chat so you do not have to use any special programs (like Outlook, ICQ); all you need is to click on the button "on-line support". We are also ready to consider the introduction of other means of communication (Skype, 0-800, callback)if necessary.

The average response time to your support ticket or e-mail enquiry is 15 minutes, but it cannot exceed one hour.

Due to on-line round-the-clock technical monitoring the average uptime rates of our servers are within 99.9% on-line.

Meanwhile we ask everybody to be understanding in regard to on-line communication because there might be situations when our technical support team cannot respond to their enquiry instantly (due to parallel phone call, urgent problem etc.) We ask you to be patient to such situations.

Our team is providing 24/7 customer support via any communication channel (by phone, e-mail, online chat). We really provide round-the-clock in-house support, even on official holidays (NY, Easter etc.) we take care of the high performance of our servers and solving our clients' problems and inquiries efficiently.

Another comfortable way of round-the-clock support is Viber chat. After adding the public account to yours you can easily and quickly solve technical or financial issues. In addition, if you communicate via Viber, you can pass authorization very simply so that all questions are resolved without additional confirmation

In order to send us a letter of complaint or proposal you should fill in the form

In order to get the most efficient and quickest support, please, follow these recommendations

  • When you submit a support ticket, you have to indicate your domain name, login and your server IP-address if possible. Is it necessary to keep to the point and explain in details what the problem is.
  • If the information on the website cannot be displayed correctly or the php function does not work properly, then we suggest indicating the link where the issue could be seen.
  • If there is an issue with the settings of an e-mail client, we suggest indicating parameters you are using for the connection.
  • When reporting an issue it is more important for us to receive the text of an error message than its service number.
  • If you sent an e-mail, but it was returned with a non-delivery notification, we suggest you should forward the bounced e-mail with technical headers to us.

All the enquiries which require the user's identification, such as account restoration from backup, login reset, contact information change, are being processed only from a user's authorized e-mail address and they cannot be processed in chat or by phone.

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