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What is SSL-certificate?

SSL-certificate is the digital certificate is issued to a specific domain certificate authority. To get the SSL-certificate you will need to purchase it, and then pass a certification center for testing procedure. It is necessary for the organization of an encrypted channel between the site and the visitor.

Who is interested in EV SSL-certificate?

The most prestigious, reliable and expensive type of certificates designed to protect websites belonging to an existing legal entity (organization, company, or corporation)

Why should I buy a SSL-certificate?

The certificate is needed to encrypt the communication channel between the user's browser and your site. This is especially important if you work with your site users need to enter any identification data - login and password, personal information, and to enter confidential information such as credit card info. Caring about the safety has a positive impact on search engine rankings and user confidence.

Can I switch to another SSL-certificate plan?

Functionally, it is impossible. If necessary, you can purchase a new certificate and install it on the server on which the previous certificate has been installed.

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