This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to users who have concluded with "ON-LINE" (hereinafter - the Contractor) Contract for the provision of hosting services (hereinafter - Service) is an integral part of the Agreement and shall apply to the specific conditions here within the boundaries of responsibility Contractor.


The period of the Contractor services corresponds to the paid period of the User. The lack of payment for renewal hosting for 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of expiry of the service gives the Contractor the right to terminate the agreement with the further removal of all data stored on the server User.


Quality of Service indicators.


Guaranteed availability of the service is not less than 99.9% for the year (no more than 9 hours unavailability of services in a year according to the Contractor's monitoring system). The figure does not include access to services on time delivery of planned works to upgrade the hardware and software of the server or other equipment technological platform, which customers are notified in advance by email. Monitoring virtual hosting servers around the clock.


The procedure for the provision of information and technical support.


Information support is meant to receive background information about the available services, tariff plans, rules of handling client complaints and domain names.


Information support is provided around the clock by phone, media protocol instant messaging (Live Chat), e-mail application, created in the account control panel on the page "Feedback" (hereafter - Ticket).


Time for Answers to questions on media protocol instant messaging (Live Chat) is up to 10 minutes in normal operation and can be increased in the event of an emergency. Response time by email or on the ticket can be up to 24 hours.


Technical support is available around the clock, without days off and breaks. Technical support is available on the ticket. ticket processing time can be up to 24 hours. If the ticket solution is outside the competence of the technical support department, it is transferred to the appropriate department.


Time to Troubleshooting Technical Support:


Critical error: not more than 12 hours;


Faults do not affect the operation of the main services: up to 5 slave. days;


Problems with emergencies equipment: not more than 72 hours;


The Contractor shall not be liable for links, organized by third parties.


Engineering works.


Carrying out planned maintenance work is always done in the peak hours of activity of Internet users.


In carrying out technical works may temporarily restrict the availability of services. If during scheduled maintenance work, server availability is limited, the user is notified of carrying out such work by e-mail at least 24 hours before the start of work.


For the Contractor is entitled without prior notice to make any technical work in case of emergencies and the need to ensure the smooth operation of customer resources.




If there is interruption in the provision of basic services (hosting), in cases when such interruptions are caused by factors that are in the zone of responsibility of the Contractor, the user has the right to compensation.


In the case of periodic interruptions in the provision of services, which occupy separately less than 60 minutes, the compensation is not paid, and the data in the index breaks the availability of services not included.


Compensation is calculated:


In the case of interruption in the provision of services, which take 60 to 180 minutes, the compensation paid to the value of 1 (one) day services;


In the case of interruption in the provision of services more than 5 times per month and / or more than 5 hours per month, the payment shall be paid tenfold the cost of the time lack of services;


With the loss of user data can not be restored from a backup (if such loss is caused by breaking the server, administered by the Contractor, or is a consequence of the actions of the Contractor's employee), the compensation of the loss of the data produced by the extension of the Contractor providing services for 2 months.


In any case, the Contractor's liability is limited to the cost of services for 2 months in accordance with the user rate (maximum compensation).


In all cases, the payment is charged to users in the form of increased service period.


To compensate for the user must be within 30 days from the date of occurrence of the incident contact the Information / technical support to Contractor.


Compensation may be assessed no earlier than the day after the occurrence of the incident.


Compensation is not granted in the following cases:


If the services are provided in test mode;


If the service stops due to violation of conditions of the Agreement with the User and its annexes;


Force majeure (including, DDOS-attack);


Hack user site through the code, CMS, stolen from the computer user's access details and other cases outside the zone of responsibility of the Contractor;


Problems in the software that resulted in easy to maintain;


No other circumstances beyond the Contractor's area of responsibility (including failure in the data center, the problem of external communication channels (including an error in the main providers for which the Contractor can not affect)).

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