[18.05.2023] A new lineup of virtual servers for data storage

[20.07.2021] Meet the new line of servers on ultrafast AMD Ryzen

[07.10.2020] Huge reduction in channel prices!

[16.05.2019] 24-hour Facebook support

[30.11.2018] VDS is now also on KVM virtualization

[20.11.2018] Popular CMS in two clicks

[12.06.2018] Notifications about the end of services via Viber and Telegram

[08.06.2018] Two-factor authentication

[22.05.2017] New loyalty program!

[01.02.2017] Pleasant news for those who want to buy VDS!

[29.06.2016] Reduction of servers prices

[30.04.2015] New Tariff Plans for Virtual Servers (VDS)

[12.03.2015] Improving Reseller Tariff Plans

[03.03.2015] Discounts up to 60% on hosting and servers

[17.02.2015] 50% Discount for VPN and a New Tariff Plan - Start

[09.02.2015] Prices-cut for co-location

[04.02.2015] Improving budget tariff plans

[05.04.2013] New attractive prices on domain names

[05.04.2013] Introduction of fast SSD disks for stable functioning of MySQL databases.

[05.02.2013] Low-cost hosting plans

[03.01.2013] Updated hosting plans. New leading plan “2013”

[03.01.2013] The action of gifts distribution goes on!

[26.12.2012] New Year wishes from Besthosting

[19.06.2012] Besthosting is celebrating the anniversary and granting discounts!

[27.04.2012] Besthosting’s working schedule during the May holidays.

[14.03.2012] Bonuses to Besthosting’s clients for the usage of Unisender’s e-mailing lists

[12.03.2012] Besthosting will be informing clients with the help of SMS

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