A domain name is a string of letters, numbers and hyphens that is used to define the location of a website. When a user types this name in the browser he will be directed to your website.
A domain name consists of a name and an extension (or zone):

You can use letters, numbers and hyphens in the domain name. When choosing a domain name you cannot use an underscore ( _ ), apostrophe ('), service words (www, ping...). In some zones two-letter names are prohibited. It should be mentioned that in the zones where two-letter names are allowed, all the possible variants are already taken.
Our company offers services domain name registration in the most popular areas.
Domain zones have their own hierarchy:

The extensions (or zones) can be international and national (indicating a certain country). National names, in their turn, can be divided into the subcategories in regard to their regional ownership and areas of activity. All the international domain names are applied to the top-level domain names (this extension consists of one word, for example, imya.com, imya.org, imya.net). Governmental domain names can be top-level, second-level and third-level. The examples of governmental top-level domains can be these names: imya.ua, imya.ru, imya.de etc.

Domain names oriented to a certain region of the country are appropriate to be called regional. For example, a website of the company that specializes in windows manufacturing with the domain okno.kiev.ua, eloquently tells us that the office of the company is situated on the territory of Kiev or Kiev region, and tusovka.vn.ua - is a place where most Vinnytsia population hang out.

Depending on the thematic orientation of a web-resource and/or areas of activity of an organization (or individuals) their preference might be given to names with certain extensions. For example, Ukrianian commercial structure might logically tend to choose a domain name with the extension *.com.ua, and a university that is situated within the British borders - *.gov.uk.

The classification and domain subdivisions appeared a long time ago, however, nowadays the logical classification is practically ignored because a desired domain name is going to be taken if it is available. That is a result of an impetuous development of web-technologies, namely, Internet-technologies.

Zone limitations:


Two character domains cannot be registered


Two character domains cannot be registered


Second-level domain names, according to Domain .UA rules, can be delegated to both a juridical entity and an individual - the owner of rights to use a registered trade trade mark for goods and services on the territory of Ukraine. The owner of "Certificate of Trade Mark for goods and services" has such rights; the certificate is issued by the Central Government Body on the protection of intellectual property in Ukraine, currently, it is State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine - The owners of the right to use a trade mark for goods and services on the territory of Ukraine have the same rights as the owners of the Ukrianian certificate according to the Madrid Agreement. If your company or you possess the right to use a registered trade mark for goods and services, then, while submitting an application form you have to present two sets of notarized copies of the following documents to the registrar: - "Certificate of trade mark for goods and services" issued by the Central Government Body on the protection of intellectual property. (or, in case of the usage of an International protection system for the registered trade mark, ROMARIN "Read-Only-Memory of Madrid Active Registry Information" is a similar document issued by the correspondent International Bureau *);

*In case of the usage of an international trade mark you must make sure that the protection of a trade mark is confirmed in Ukraine, in other words, TM is registered according to the Ukrainian law "About the Ukrainian Ratification of Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks" dated from the 1st July, 2000 or/and Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The confirmation is considered to be the extraction from the registry of State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine.


During the registration some more data will be required.
For a company's registration - a full name of the company, postal and juridical address.
For individual's registration:
Full name;
Number and series, when and where the passport was issued;
Data of birth;
Place of living;
Postal address.

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