Content management systems based on Bitrix are currently one of the most popular among web developers. 1C-Bitrix holds first place in the ranking of paid CMS on the number of users.

The launch of these tariff plans became possible thanks to a partnership agreement with the leader in the development of commercial systems for managing websites LLC “1C-Bitrix”.

The servers of our company are configured in accordance with the Bitrix recommendations, and our technical specialists have successfully passed testing for hosting providers and are fully prepared for equipment maintenance.

Prices on add-ons:

IP (1 item):

4 $/month




5 $

Double the number of domains:

+25% to the plan price

Each hosting plan features:
Activation in 5 minutes
Free domain*
CGI, PHP5+, PHP7+, GD 2, ionCube
Zend Optimizer, Crontab
Parser, MySQL, SSI
Popular CMS Support
(Drupal, Wordpress, CMF, Bitrix, ...)
DirectAdmin Panel
Let’s Encrypt Certificate

* In case of buying a hosting, registration of 1 (one) domain name is free, if the order cost is higher than the cost of the domain name. Find out the cost of domain.

We offer hosting solutions on the servers in Ukraine and Germany. Recommendations on server configuration

Dedicated IP-address to the "Reseller" plans available free of charge only on servers in Ukraine

We offer hosting for Bitrix-Ultra and Bitrix-Light on the servers in Ukraine.

Longer with us - cheaper price. Up to 15% off. Learn more about our "loyalty programs"

Hosting plans with fast SSD or NVME are provided on all servers

If you decide to cancel your account within 30 (thirty) days of service with Besthosting we will refund you the whole amount of money, excluding a domain registration fee, for which we incur a cost. Even if the domain name was registered free of charge during the action, its factual cost will be deducted from the refunded sum.

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