Webhosting is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. The files of your website are stored on powerful servers that are installed in our own datacenter. The disk space on the server and additional functions are configured depending on the features of your hosting plan.

Before ordering a suitable hosting solution you should choose a domain name (a domain name is a string of letters, numbers, and hyphens that is used to define the location of a website) and check its availability.

Website hosting service is provided by a great number of hosting-providers, but only a few are able to keep websites fully operational, leverage the latest technologies cost-effectively, provide 24/7 technical support, the high performance and response time that clients require.

Our company was established in 2003. We are an official registrar in *.ua zones and place our servers in our own datacenter. All these ensure flexibility, high performance, reliability and reasonable prices plus quality of our services.

On our hosting servers we use special hosting software (Apache, Nginx, PHP 5, Mysql etc.) From well-known developers, namely, control panel: DirectAdmin 4 Lite.

Today we offer you a new range of the actual hosting plans (Ultra, Light, Medium, Strong) and action hosting plan "2018".

For webdesign studios, owners of several websites and businessmen we offer reseller plans where you can lead your own independent pricing policy and allocate disk space and additional features among your customers. It gives you an opportunity to obtain hosting and make a profit.

If you have not found your hosting plan among the actual ones, you can find it in the archive.

These hosting plans are available only for prolongation.

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